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You may have heard that the process of building a new home can be long, frustrating, and
painful. But guess what? You didn’t hear it from us!

If you are frustrated with getting a builder to look at your job please CONTACT US we will be happy
to come out and take a look for you.IMG_0499_2


Our New Home Builders offer you a thoroughly professional build. From our very first meeting,
our aim will be to build the home you want to live in, not the home that caters to our company’s
bottom line with the least accountability to you.
We’ll ask questions and listen hard as you tell us who will be living in your new home and how
you want to live in it. Only when your vision is clear to us will it be our turn to share with you our
best advice and suggestions based on our experience and observation of the building industry.
We truly believe that the time spent listening to and sharing with you and your family is an
important investment that will ensure your project proceeds just as you’d like and just as we’ve
You’ll find us extremely flexible: We can work to your ready plans, stamped and ready to go, or
introduce you to our draftsmen, surveyors and permit specialists, who are ready to take on your
job from start to finish. We can build a new home from scratch, help you demolish and rebuild to
a better design, or build a second unit for investment should you decide to subdivide your original
block. We can build one storey or two, and we won’t quibble about the size of your job, either.
In fact, those “small” jobs under $50,000 or $100,000 that other building contractors won’t touch
are just the ticket for our hands-on approach. We’ll even produce a free quotation.
Well Known Homes is also committed to building your home in a sustainable way while delivering
your desired living experience. As a Green Living Builder, we’ll deal with our rubbish, run-off, dirt,
mud, and paint responsibly, with minimal impact upon your property and community. As much as
possible, we choose products such as pre-made timber frames that reduce our impact on landfill
and can advise on the latest green building technologies.
What’s more, we have a heightened awareness of how nature can assist in making your home
more economical and environmentally friendly. House siting and alignment, window shading,
polyvoltaic solar panels, double glazing, ventilation, and wall, ceiling and floor insulation are all
choices with huge green benefits for your home. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that we
believe environmentally friendly should be synonymous with budget friendly—that is to say, you
should see a return on the investment of green dollars in your home.

With rising energy prices tipped to double in the next couple of years those who have an energy
efficient home (costs less to heat and cool) will be grateful for their lower bills for years to come. To
find out how little things can save you many hundreds or thousands every year CONTACT US.
We know that our clients have high expectations of Well Known Homes’ staff and network of
energy raters, arborists, engineers, and specialty tradesmen. Thorough follow-up along the way
to completion and afterward—to ensure we build well above the minimum standard and solve any
problems that arise during the settling-in period—is our sincere pledge to you.
Our processes are a complete open book to our clients, and we encourage you to check the
progress of your job on this website, wherever you may be, via your secure user name and

CONTACT US today to discuss your job and to get you a free comparable quote.

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Who is Melbourne Home Building – Well Known Homes?
Melbourne Home Building is the web address for the business Well Known Homes, using the web address WWW.MELBOURNEHOMEBUILDING.COM.AU is better for keyword searching than WWW.WELLKNOWNHOMES.COM.AU which is also a web link that will bring you to the web address WWW.MELBOURNEHOMEBUILDING.COM.AU

We are a builder operating in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne from outside the city centre through the Bayside area and out past Ferntree Gully and everywhere in between.

We are a registered builder, a master builder, and a green living member. We are constantly researching new methods of achieving the best result for your home, sustainable building and using technology to deliver a high performing home with a strong energy rating.

We have a strong focus on customer service – yep so does everyone else!!! But we care about our work and I constantly find myself saying “I will do it like I would if it was my house” I feel this is a strong motivator and a good grounding for my staff and me, we really live this and I find myself coming back to this point time and time again when faced with a cross roads of a job and have to make a decision about the trype of finish.

Give us a call or drop a line on the contact form to discuss your next project.
Sustainable House Day September 2013
Our 8-Star Energy Rated Home Will Be On Display
Come and see it at plaster stage – still under construction
Discuss many items in the home
Double glazed windows
Using it smart
Without condensation issues
Internal walls can help too
A standby switch to urn off lights and some power points when you leave!!!
Shading solutions for your home
Building in the proper alignment to make best use of “mother nature”
Using a solar ventilator to heat and cool your home
Ask your questions and get some answers
Hope to see you there.
If you would like more information or cannot make it on the day contact us and we can arrange a personal meeting
Sustainable house day is on Sunday 8th September 2013 from 10am till 4pm at selected properties
If you email us we will send you the details of our home open this year
Hope to see you there
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Well Known Homes is a custom home building in Melbourne, Completing new homes, extensions and renovations in the surrounding eastern suburbs of Melbourne

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